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Katimas’ most valuable asset is our people. We are devoted to maximising our employees’ abilities while encouraging them to keep a healthy work-life balance. In addition to providing a wide range of job opportunities, we regularly design and deploy training courses to sharpen our employees’ professional knowledge and skills. We also engage in community involvement to foster a sense of belonging.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer 

Dato’ Lee Kuan Pieng is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Katimas Group. He has led the company from its inception and grown it into the homegrown conglomerate that it is today, with core businesses in real estate development, land banking, financial services and technology solutions, business management solutions and other strategic investments.  

He is a born-and-bred entrepreneur with extensive business experience in various business sectors, including real estate and business services, and is also an innovator in the industry.  Katimas Group has thrived and flourished under his leadership and vision.

Dato Lee Kuan Pieng


Mdm Lee has been with Katimas Group since its infancy and has been a key contributor to the business administrative management and strategies since.  Leveraging on her years of experience in administrative management with several multinational corporations including Nestle and Laboratoires Servier, she currently oversees the Group’s administration system and functions, including improving business efficiency and streamlining management systems.

Head of Administration

Lydia Lee


Sherlene is responsible for the formulation of Katimas Group’s strategic financial plans and goals, including the effective and efficient management of the Group’s financial services, treasury and credit functions.  Prior to joining Katimas, Sherlene was head of corporate finance in one of the largest public listed conglomerates in Sarawak, and draws on over 20 years of experience in the finance division, particularly in risk assessment and management, accounting, and tax planning.

Sherlene was awarded a CPA Australia in 1999. She is also a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA).

General Manager (Finance)

Sherlene Png


Olivia has been with Katimas Group since 2009 and is responsible for the overall management of the Group’s operational functions, including optimizing management, improving performance and customers service quality and conducting training.  Olivia’s professional experience spans 25 years, including a stint at an international Japanese company, specializing in sales and finance management, and was involved in various applications on training and customer relationship management.  Olivia is also a licensed Professional Trainer.

Head of Operations

Olivia Koo


Datin Alice Hu is a graduate of law from Oxford University and a qualified barrister-at-law.  She has also accumulated decades of experience in the property development and management field, having previously overseen some of the largest private property developments in Sarawak.  She currently oversees the compliance division of Katimas Group as well as areas of strategic management, including risk management.

Head of Compliance and Strategic Management

Datin Alice Hu


Ai Na is responsible for the overall management of Katimas Group’s Finance department, including the oversight of financial analysis and reporting processes.

Prior to joining Katimas, Ai Na was head of finance of several divisions within one of the largest public listed conglomerates in Sarawak. She brings to Katimas Group a wealth of experience in senior finance leadership roles, accumulated from over 20 years of her career.  Ai Na was awarded a Strategic Professional Certificate of the ACCA Qualification. She is also a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA).

Head of Finance

Lai Ai Na


Elsie is responsible for the overall Human Resource function for Katimas Group, overseeing the people, performance and ethos for the Group, including compensation and benefits, recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, employee and industrial relations.  Prior to joining Katimas, Elsie was Regional HR Assistant Manager of a multinational Japanese public listed conglomerate, with professional experience in finance, automobile, and manufacturing.  Elsie has over 13 years of experience in HRM and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Development.

Head of Human Resource

Elsie Chai

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