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The birth of Katimas Group in 1996 was based on the ideal of delivering a meaningful impact to our community via the improvement of the quality of life of all ordinary Malaysians.  Over the past few decades, our professional profile has grown and evolved and we now hold an extensive portfolio in real estate development, land banking, financial services and technology solutions, business management solutions and strategic investments, including two Pioneer MSC Status companies.

Land Banking

Real Estate Development

Financial Technology Solutions

Business Management Solutions

Strategic Investments

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Positive Impact 
to Our 

We constantly look for possibilities in the market to drive advancement.

We empower our leaders and employees to take initiative and make an impact in everything we do.

We view challenges as opportunities and tackle problems differently.

We explore new dynamic business models and introduce pioneering products and services.

Today, with empowering lives at the core of our strategy, we leverage the strengths and expertise of our diverse business units to develop and bring solutions that are beneficial to businesses, for the people, and for the community.


Because our objective isn't merely to succeed, but to reinvent the way things work to make positive changes to the community.

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Empowering Communities, Transforming Lives.

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First Floor, Lot 33, Block B2 Saradise, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

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