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As the very foundation of Katimas was born from the ideal of delivering a meaningful impact to our community, Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility forms a vital imperative built into our daily management.


Governance and Compliance are regularly reviewed and monitored to ensure that both Katimas Group and our stakeholders conduct our businesses in a fair and sustainable manner.


As a responsible corporate citizen, our Corporate Social Responsibility approach is focused on giving back to our local community via community engagement programs including supporting local charities to help those in need and bring joy to those less privileged.

Corporate Philanthropy

Katimas Group is proud to be a dynamic participant in corporate philanthropy.  We actively engage our people in our corporate social responsibility efforts via charitable giving programs, support for disaster relief efforts and other means of offering our services to social causes and non-profits by reaching out to local bodies and understanding their specific needs and how best to help them.

Community Outreach

Charity may start “at home,” but it continues in the workplace. We believe in providing an outlet for our people who wish to volunteer their time to causes that are near and dear to them, making a personal connection to those in need and have a genuine impact on our local communities, the nation and even the world.


“The sheer act of giving is its own reward”.

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Empowering Communities, Transforming Lives.

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