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Katimas Group Serving Hope at The Lions Nursing Home Charity Food Fair

Updated: Jan 22

Katimas Group volunteers spent their Sunday morning selling food and beverages at the Lions Nursing Home Charity Food Fair on 3rd December 2023, which took place at the Home.

Eleven committed volunteers from the Katimas Group CSR Committee and staff played a pivotal role in the Food Fair, overseeing the Katimas booth operations and facilitating the sale of products, with many other supportive staff dropping by to contribute to the cause by patronising the booth. All proceeds generated from these sales were directed towards supporting the Lions Nursing Home.

Katimas Group Chairman Dato Franco Lee and his family also participated in the Food Fair, and Dato Franco expressed his optimism and support towards the event.

“Through our sales, Katimas has contributed a total of RM8,908.00 to the Lions Nursing Home. We fully endorse their noble cause and eagerly anticipate future opportunities to contribute to the Home. Our commitment is grounded in the belief that the well-being of the elderly in our community is of utmost importance,” Dato Franco stated at the Food Fair.

This Food Fair marks the second charitable event Katimas Group has actively participated in this year. In September, the company organized a successful blood donation drive at eMart Tabuan Jaya Branch, resulting in the collection of approximately 50 bags of blood.

Mdm. Lydia Lee, Head of Administration and President of the CSR Committee, reflects on these community engagements, stating, "As we look back on our impactful initiatives, we eagerly anticipate future opportunities and maintain our steadfast commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those in need."

The Lion Nursing Home Charity Food Fair 2023 took place from 8:00am to 12.30pm and featured over 84 stalls selling food and beverages, of which the resulting sales will be spent on maintenance repair and improvement to the nursing Home’s facilities, as well as to contribute to staff salaries.

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Image 1: From right, Mdm. Lydia and Dato Franco Lee with Katimas staff volunteers at the Katimas booth

Image 2: Aaron Siaw (fourth from right) and Jackson Ong (fifth from right) receiving a memento from YB Wilfred Yap and the event organisers.

Image 3: Jackson Ong (third from right) receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from YB Wilfred Yap

Image 4: Katimas staff selling food and beverages at the Katimas booth


About Katimas Group

Founded in 1996, Katimas Group is committed to making a meaningful impact on the lives of ordinary Malaysians. With a diverse portfolio in real estate development, land banking, financial services, technology solutions, business management, and strategic investments, we prioritize empowerment at the core of our strategy. The blue letter K in our logo signifies the trust placed in us, reflecting our core values: Kommunity, Knowledge, and Kindness. As a beacon of integrity, Katimas Group is dedicated to Empowering Communities and Transforming Lives.

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